Skinny BBL – A Complete Guide 2023

Skinny BBL

Skinny BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift)

Skinny BBL is a cosmetic surgical procedure to modify the buttocks, designed for very thin or petite patients with very little fat in the body.

Most of the time, Brazilian Butt Lift and butt enhancement procedures are getting increasingly popular because many patients want to improve their curves or get a figure that looks more like an hourglass.

However, not everyone who wants a BBL is a good candidate for the procedure. We’ll talk more about what a “Skinny BBL” is and whether or not these candidates are suitable for it in this blog.

What is a Skinny BBL?

Patients who are “skinny” and do not have sufficient fat in their body to be harvested to undergo a BBL procedure may find it challenging since the BBL uses liposuction to harvest unwanted fat from different parts of the body. Therefore, a traditional Brazilian Butt Lift cannot perform on very slim patients.

Despite this, some patients who are thin or have a low BMI might still be able to get a traditional BBL because, despite having a low weight or BMI, they have enough fat on their bodies for liposuction to harvest for a fat transfer. 

In addition, other slim candidates might only want a small butt enhancement. Because of this, even though they have very little fat, they can safely have liposuction, and the fat graft will give them the desired results.

Some patients may be better suited for a Skinny BBL procedure because they do not have enough fat to undergo a traditional BBL. Because one or two areas of the body won’t have enough fat to be used for the enhancement, a Skinny BBL uses liposuction on more areas than a traditional BBL.

This indicates that liposuction of multiple areas will be required to ensure sufficient fat accumulation. Alternatively, patients may be advised to gain weight before the procedure so that the gained fat can be used to expand the buttocks.

Skinny BBL Cost

The cost of a skinny Brazilian butt lift often starts at $5000. A single liposuction area is included in this price. After meeting with a doctor, you can better understand how much your skinny BBL will cost.

The number of areas treated with liposuction to “hunt” the fat affects the average cost of a skinny BBL. Depending on the number of procedures performed, this procedure typically costs between $10,900 and $18,000. Remember that this procedure also sculpts your entire body, including your abdomen and waist.

This fee includes hundreds of micro fat injections into the buttocks and multiple areas of liposuction. The physician’s fee, anesthesia, facility costs, postoperative garments, and all postoperative office visits are all included in this cost.

Skinny BBL Cost in Chicago

Let’s try to figure it out. Skinny BBL typically costs the same as a standard BBL procedure on a patient with a normal BMI or one with a higher BMI. This procedure can cost anywhere from $11,000 to $14,000 or more.

This is because harvesting fat is more challenging and potentially takes more time, even though a smaller volume of fat can be harvested. BBL surgeons only possess the specialized skills to harvest fat from very thin patients. If fat harvesting needs to be done in multiple or additional locations, Skinny BBL may cost more in some cases.

Skinny BBL vs BBL

Many people want a shape proportional to their natural body and a result that looks more natural. A Skinny BBL is made for slim patients with low body fat who want to give their buttocks some curves and projection.

The goal of a BBL is more athletic in appearance with less emphasis on the widening of the hip. Both procedures are done by liposuctioning the fat from undesirable body areas and transferring it to the buttocks.

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A Suitable Candidate for Skinny BBL

After consulting with their plastic surgeon, some patients are informed that they are not suitable for a BBL procedure. There are other options for patients who have been told they are unsuitable for a traditional BBL procedure because they are too thin or don’t have enough fat. They might be a good candidate for a Skinny BBL.

To ensure their suitability for Skinny BBL, prospective patients should schedule a consultation with a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon skilled in various BBL procedures. A candidate’s suitability for a Skinny BBL can be determined by several factors, including:

  • Candidates who are “skinny” or “thin.” 
  • Patients with less than 25 BMI.
  • Patients who are very slim and too skinny to go for a traditional BBL Procedure. 
  • Physically healthy patients. 
  • Patients who do not smoke.

However, because they do not possess sufficient body fat to be harvested for buttock enhancement, some patients may not be suitable even for a Skinny BBL. Additionally; some patients may find it physically or emotionally challenging to gain weight before the procedure.

As a result, a Skinny BBL may not be appropriate for some patients who are ineligible for a conventional BBL. Because of this, it is of the utmost importance that all patients interested in a Skinny BBL schedule a consultation with at least one Board-Certified and experienced Plastic Surgeon to determine whether or not they are suitable candidates for the procedure whether or not they can safely undergo liposuction. 

Some patients who aren’t a good fit wonder if they can use donor fat to get buttock grafts. However, this is rarely an option because it is only sometimes safe, and the fat is often rejected by the body, making it ineffective.

Because butt implants do not require a patient to have excess fat deposits across their body to be used for a fat transfer, candidates who are not suitable have other options for enhancing their buttocks. Patients can customize their butt enhancement procedure by inserting butt implants, which come in various sizes and shapes.

Finally, injections can be used to increase the size of the buttocks, providing patients with additional treatment options to achieve their surgical objectives.

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Skinny BBL Surgery

Liposuction, in which a cannula is inserted into an area of the body to vacuum out fat deposits, is the method by which BBL procedures are carried out. This will probably be done on multiple parts of a patient’s body for a Skinny BBL. 

In a BBL, liposuction is typically performed on the back, hips, or waist. In contrast, in a Skinny BBL, all of these areas are often required to accumulate sufficient fat along with other parts of the body, including the arms, neck, chin, cheeks, back, waist, hips, love handles, thighs, or lower legs, can be treated with liposuction.

Skinny BBL patients have less fat, so liposuction on them often needs to be done more precisely because it’s important not to remove too much fat. Before the fat can be injected into the buttock, these fat cells must be placed in a centrifuge after being harvested. 

Afterward, the grafted fat will be injected into the patient’s buttocks in specific amounts to achieve the desired results, size, and shape. To ensure that the buttocks remain proportional to the patient’s figure and that the results are natural, a Skinny BBL frequently necessitates more precise fat injections. 

Skinny BBL Results 

Because the fat deposits are permanently removed from the body, the effects of any skinny BBL can be long-lasting or even permanent. After the initial graft has settled, the effects of a fat graft can last for a long time.

After the procedure, approximately half of the injected fat can be absorbed during recovery, while the remaining grafted fat will stay.

As a result, the effects may last for a long time, but because the procedure involves removing and replacing fat, this fat can be affected just like any other fat in the body. This means the results will change if a BBL patient gains or loses weight. 

You can ask your doctor to see the skinny Brazilian Butt Lift results that he performed earlier to understand the results and expertise of the doctor.

Skinny BBL Recovery Time

Surgeons have differing views about whether a Skinny BBL recovery is the same as a traditional BBL recovery. The aftercare instructions, including the requirement to wear compression garments, will be the same for both procedures because liposuction is performed.

On the other hand, for the Skinny BBL, there will probably be many more places where liposuction was done, so these patients may need to wear clothes on more parts of their bodies.

Experts also say that Skinny BBLs require less downtime, and patients often only need to stay off their buttocks for two weeks instead of the usual six weeks for traditional BBLs.

For both BBL procedures, patients must avoid sitting or applying pressure to the buttocks because doing so will cause the results of the BBL to be affected negatively and cause more fat to be absorbed.

Most Skinny BBL patients can return to work within seven days, with total activity and recovery taking approximately four to six weeks. At the six-month mark, your results typically become fully apparent once your body fully recovers. You will receive specific postoperative instructions from your surgeon.

Skinny BBL Before and After

Skinny BBL Before and After
Skinny BBL Before and After

A skinny Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) combined with 360 liposuctions is often performed on patients who do not have a lot of fat. A skinny BBL may focus more on what is removed than what is added.

During a patient’s careful liposuction of the abdomen, flanks, and back, the doctor tries to snatch the patient’s waist to emphasize the patient’s buttocks and places the harvested fat primarily in the hip dips to achieve an hourglass figure. 

As usual, additional time was spent in the operating room to maximize the fat graft taken to filter, purify, and concentrate the suctioned fat before injecting it safely into the buttocks.

Skinny BBL Benefits

It’s like getting two procedures done simultaneously with a Skinny Brazilian Butt Lift. It is the best way to improve your buttocks, hips, tummy, back, and waist simultaneously. You can achieve the shape you want, even short and thin.

A skinny Brazilian butt lift has many advantages for thin patients who are good candidates and want a bigger booty. These advantages include the following:

  • Removes fat from unwanted areas. Getting Lipo360 and a Skinny BBL transfers fat from areas you don’t want to your desired areas, giving you curves where you want them!
  • Improved sizes of desired areas of the body.
  • Removal of the fat around the body that is too much or too stubborn.
  • Between 70% and 80% of the transferred fat is anticipated to survive.
  • Fat from the patient’s body is used; no external bodies or implants exist.
  • It can harvest fat from nearly any body part.
  • Natural outcomes! With the Skinny Brazilian Butt Lift, your fat is used to shape your new body. Unlike implants, which appear fake, your fat is soft and supple and will provide safe and natural results.
  • Correct asymmetry in the buttocks.
  • Buttocks are rounder and larger.
  • Increased projection either upward or outward.
  • Cover up hip dips.
  • Make your body look younger.
  • Permanent or lasting outcomes! Brazilian Butt Lift typically removes 70-80% of the fat, and most patients will experience permanent results. Your Brazilian butt lift results will last as long as you follow your surgeon’s instructions, eat a healthy diet, and exercise regularly.
  • Performed by BBL trained professional and specialist who regularly performs multiple BBLs make, this procedure is safe and relatively low risk.

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Skinny BBL – FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How much is a skinny bbl?

Let’s try to figure it out. Skinny BBL typically costs the same as a standard BBL procedure on a patient with a normal BMI or one with a higher BMI. This procedure can cost anywhere from $11,000 to $14,000 or more.

This is because harvesting fat is more challenging and potentially takes more time, even though a smaller volume of fat can be harvested. BBL surgeons only possess the specialized skills to harvest fat from very thin patients. If fat harvesting needs to be done in multiple or additional locations, Skinny BBL may cost more in some cases.

Can you get a bbl if you’re skinny?

Some thin people may be told they can’t have a Brazilian butt lift and need butt implants instead. However, recent advancements in technology and surgical methods have made it possible for a skinny person to having a BBL, also known as a Skinny BBL.

The procedure will be successful if the plastic surgeon is highly skilled at harvesting fat from people with low BMI. For the BBL procedure to be successful, the surgeon needs to use special tools and techniques to extract as much fat as possible.

Individuals with a BMI of 22 or less typically require a Skinny BBL because it is more difficult to harvest sufficient fat for the regular BBL procedure. Your surgeon will perform aggressive liposuction and possibly remove fat from other parts, like the inner thighs, arms, and knees.

Patients can get great results with a Skinny BBL, which gives the buttocks more projection and volume. However, the result is frequently less obvious than with a conventional BBL, with the shape being more important than volume.

The plastic surgeon may recommend that you gain weight before the procedure. They suggest combining your fat with dermal fillers for better results.

Although the amount of fat required for a Skinny BBL varies, results can be achieved with just 200 cc of fat per buttock. However, in thin patients, a skilled surgeon can harvest up to 500 cc of fat on each side, sufficient for an impressive result.

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How much fat is needed for skinny BBL?

Your BMI will determine how much fat you need. Through liposuction, surgeons typically remove 1-2 liters of fat and inject 0.5-1 liter of fat into each buttock to make a noticeable improvement. However, curves and a noticeable improvement to the buttock may require less fat for slimmer patients.

The amount of fat needed is determined by the body type and goals for aesthetics; in some patients, even 200 cc of healthy fat per side can make a big difference. For most thin patients, a skilled Skinny BBL surgeon can typically harvest 500 cc of healthy fat for each side.

What is the basic difference between a skinny BBL and a regular BBL Procedure?

A regular BBL procedure for slimmer patients with a BMI below 22 is called a skinny BBL. The only difference between the two procedures is the amount of fat harvested and transferred into the buttock. Both procedures, on the other hand, require the same surgical techniques.