Male BBL – Brazilian Butt Lift Men [Latest Update 2023]

Male BBL - Brazilian Butt Lift Men

Male BBL – Brazilian Butt Lift Men

Male BBL, a Brazilian butt lift for men, is a cutting-edge procedure that uses fat transfer to increase buttock volume and improve overall buttock contour. 

It is an advanced male body sculpting and enhancement procedure that uses power-assisted liposuction to remove fat from problem areas and transfer it to the buttocks to improve its shape.

Male BBL can help to make your muscles look better, slim your waist, and make your buttocks stand out more with a natural appearance.

Male BBL – Preparation before Surgery

Before the procedure, you should know the potential risks and side effects. You may experience the drainage of red fluid from the liposuction cannula port sites; shape irregularities, bruising, surface changes, inflammation, and bloating are all possible side effects.

However, over time, these symptoms naturally go away. After the procedure, you cannot sit on your buttocks for at least 2-4 weeks.

Wearing a compression garment and avoiding pressure or stress on the buttocks are essential during recovery. Additionally, Surgeons strongly advise lymphatic massages within the first 24-36 hours following surgery from a licensed massage therapist who is well-versed in postoperative care.

Male BBL recovery generally takes about four to six weeks, and full results can be seen in two to three months. To achieve a quick and easy recovery and the desired outcomes, it is essential to follow all the instructions and recommendations of the surgeon strictly.

Male BBL Surgery

The majority of Brazilian butt lifts for men are performed as day cases. As a result, once you have fully recovered from the anesthesia, you can return home later than the same day.

A male BBL procedure usually takes 3-4 hours using general anesthesia by simply following these three steps procedures:

  • Male BBL surgery under general anesthesia takes two to four hours. The first procedure is liposuction, which is used to eliminate the extra fat in areas where you don’t want it. The fat is generally reaped from the upper/lower mid-region of the abdomen, flanks, lower back, and hip region using liposuction. In some cases, other areas with excess fat, like the arms, may also be treated and utilized as viable, healthy fat sources. The procedure not only removes fat but also helps reshape the torso and create a more defined waistline.
  • After removing excess fat from your unwanted problem areas using liposuction, the tumescent fluid, blood byproducts, and unwanted purity are separated from the fat before being injected into the buttocks. The fat remains sterile throughout the process, carried out in a closed system to limit contamination and lower the risk of infection. The purified fat is injected into your buttocks through tiny incisions to make them fuller, rounder, and sexier. The surgeon transfers the maximum fat to the sides and areas above the gluteal muscles.
  • In order to achieve the desired volume, shape, and contour, the purified fat is then injected into the buttocks in proper amounts maintaining safe depths. During the fat transfer step, the surgeon will direct the placement into the subcutaneous fat above the gluteal muscle using real-time ultrasound scanning. Fat is never injected deep into the muscle or beneath it to maximize the outcomes and ensure the safety of the patients.

The incisions for Male BBL liposuction are very small and will fade over time. The surgeon will analyze your body’s shape and expectations to determine whether one or both procedures are required. 

Male BBL Cost

Multiple factors influence the surgery cost, including the patient’s size and the amount of fat that must be removed, the surgeon’s experience and demand, and previous surgical history.

A thorough history, physical examination, and interview about your medical history and goals are all part of a male bbl doctor consultation. The doctor will then determine the most effective strategy for achieving your objectives.

A male BBL procedure typically costs around £7,900. The liposuction treatment areas and the level of difficulty of the procedure, on the other hand, may influence the cost of the surgery. After consulting with the surgeon, you will get the exact cost of your surgery.

Male BBL Benefits

A Brazilian butt lift can make your buttocks look more contoured and in harmony with the rest of your body by increasing their volume and firmness.

The body contouring effects of 360 liposuctions can help men improve the definition of their torso and midsection.

Because a male Brazilian butt lift uses your own body fat rather than synthetic materials like silicone implants, men may prefer to have a BBL procedure over buttock implants.

Due to the small incisions required for the procedure, using your own fat reduces the risk of allergic reactions and produces permanent results with minimal scarring.

Male BBL Recovery

Swelling and bruising may occur in the buttocks and liposuction areas following surgery. Within a week of surgery, most patients resume light daily activities and office work, and within four weeks, they resume more strenuous activities. If you want your recovery to go as smoothly as possible and to keep your results, you should follow the BBL aftercare and recovery advice.

Male BBL Results

Your final BBL results will typically appear three to six months after surgery, except in liposuction areas, which usually take six to twelve weeks for complete recovery. Your fat grafts will have stabilized by this point, and a process known as fluffing will cause your skin to expand to accommodate the fat grafts. In addition, the swelling will have subsided, leaving behind a buttock that is more prominent and shaped.

Male BBL Before and After

Male BBL Brazilian Butt Lift Before and After
Image Source: Surgisculpt – Male Brazilian Butt Lift

Male Bbl (Brazilan Butt Lift Men) FAQs

Can Men Get a BBL?

Who claims that BBLs are only for women? Male BBLs are becoming increasingly popular among men who want to improve their buttocks.

A man’s overall body is incomplete without a well-shaped butt. A well-formed chest, broad shoulders, tapered back, flat and toned abs, and a shapely butt are all essential. Sadly, genetics can occasionally give men flat butts, which can be unattractive to both men and women.

Male-specific surgeons will make your BBL appear proportional to your male body and natural.

What are the areas included in a Male Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) Surgery?

In male BBL surgery, the entire lower torso, including the upper and lower abdomen, flanks or sides, and the lower and mid-back areas, including the “love handles” and “spare tire,” are treated. It can be expanded to the thighs and arms also.

How is fat removed and transferred to the buttocks in BBL?

A fat-suctioning technique known as liposuction is used to get rid of the fat. BBL liposuction for men necessitates small incisions that will become almost invisible over time. Your body’s shape and expectations determine whether one or both of these procedures are necessary.

After the excess fat is removed from your problem areas, the purified fat is injected into your buttocks through tiny incisions to make them fuller, rounder, and sexier! Most of the fat is transferred to the sides and areas above the gluteal muscles.

Is a Male BBL different from that of female BBL?​

Male BBL’s method of removing and transferring fat is very similar to that of women. The men’s fat transfer location is the difference. On the sides and top, women’s butts are more rounded.
Conversely, men want the butt to look more masculine, so the fat is more concentrated on the top, middle, and bottom (rather than the sides). As a result, the male butt appears more masculine and has more projection than the female butt.

Am I a right candidate for a Male Gluteal Augmentation?

The perfect candidate for a male BBL procedure is someone:

1. A person is close to their ideal weight and has a BMI (Body Mass Index) of 30 or lower.
2. Unable to lose the stubborn fat in their stomach, mid-back, waist, and lower abdomen, which prevents them from slimming down.
3. Have buttocks that don’t have any projection and look flat.

Liposuction is not designed for patients who are obese, have a high body mass index (BMI), or have lost a lot of weight and loose skin. An excision procedure like an abdominoplasty or tummy tuck might be more suitable for these patients.

Is a Brazilian Butt Lift for men permanent?

The fat transferred to your buttocks comes from your body, so it will remain where it is.
Fat cells cannot regenerate after power-assisted liposuction, which is one of the advantages.

Male BBL, in contrast to conventional weight loss, reduces your capacity to store fat in the treated area. However, the transplanted fat cells in the buttocks may shrink if you lose weight.

Your BBL should last as long as you exercise and eat a healthy diet after the procedure!

What is the recovery time for a Male BBL procedure?

A butt lift procedure requires about two weeks of recovery.

1. You will spend approximately one to two hours in a recovery room immediately following the procedure before going home.
2. You may notice a bit of drainage from your incisions over the next 24 hours, but it will go away quickly.
3. You are allowed to take your first shower 48 hours after the procedure.
4. To heal properly, the doctor suggests taking at least a week off from work.
5. For about two weeks, you must wear a special compression garment to put enough pressure on the surgical site.
6. As the swelling in the treatment area subsides, the final result can take several weeks to six months or longer. But keep in mind each patient is unique!

How long I will not be able to sit on my butt following BBL a surgery?

Thankfully, this is different. During the first two weeks of recovery, you should avoid sitting for an extended period. Because most of the fat is moved to the sides and upper part of your butt, pressure on the middle and bottom parts is not much problematic.

However, depending on your surgeon’s instructions, we recommend sitting on a soft pillow or a donut-shaped cushion or shifting your weight periodically while sitting for the first two weeks or longer to maximize your cosmetic results.

Can I make my butt bigger without surgery?

Although there are a few “non-surgical” options for buttock augmentation, the outcomes are frequently doubtful. Although numerous devices and lasers are marketed as non-surgical options for butt lifts, no one has demonstrated that these options make a significant or lasting difference. 

Filler injections are another non-surgical method that many establishments promote and offer. For fat harvesting, this option does not require liposuction. However, the drawback is that even FDA-approved fillers can cause lumps and scar tissue when injected.

It can be expensive to use as many syringes of fillers as necessary to see a difference, often costing twice as much as a fat transfer. Most surgeons do not use butt injection fillers or perform non-surgical butt lifts.